About The Film

“Into The Light” follows the story of Tanzanian sociologist Mama Lyimo’s (LEE-MO) incredible journey to uncover why HIV/AIDS continues to spread in her country. When she befriends an AIDS orphan named Suzy, Lyimo’s grassroots journey becomes more personal than she could have ever imagined; and when Suzy decides to test her siblings for HIV, Lyimo [...]

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Free DVD’s for Bloggers

Yes, that’s right.  If contribute to an established blog with readers that would want to hear about “Into the Light” we’ll send you a free DVD of the film on the following conditions: Your blog needs to be current (we should be able to read at least 5 posts you’ve written in the past month [...]

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“It is awesome. I think that this will be an excellent tool for both pre-field next year and orientation this year.”

Erica Mackey, former Executive Director  - www.sichange.org